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Join the #1secondSlipInChallenge by Skechers Malaysia and Win Big!

Are you ready to show off your shoe-slipping skills and win exciting prizes? Skechers Malaysia presents the #1secondSlipInChallenge, your chance to join the fun and stand a chance to win RM1,000 worth of Skechers products! In this article, we'll dive into the details of this exciting challenge, how you can participate, and what makes it a must-join event for all shoe enthusiasts.

The #1secondSlipInChallenge - What You Need to Know

Skechers Malaysia, known for its innovative and stylish footwear, has come up with a challenge that's as easy as it is entertaining. The #1secondSlipInChallenge invites participants to showcase their unique and creative style by slipping into Skechers Slip-ins in just one second. The best part? You could be the lucky winner of RM1,000 worth of Skechers products!

How to Participate:

Participating in the #1secondSlipInChallenge is a breeze. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Follow @skechersmalaysia:

Begin by following Skechers Malaysia on your favorite social media platforms. You'll find them on Instagram, where the challenge is set to take the digital world by storm.

2. Record Your 1-Second Slip-In Moment:

Now, the fun part! Grab your favorite pair of Skechers Slip-ins and record yourself in action. The challenge is all about slipping into your Skechers Slip-ins in just one second. Get creative, show off your unique style, and make it entertaining.

3. Use the Right Hashtags:

Once you've captured your amazing 1-second slip-in moment, it's time to share it with the world. When posting your video on social media, be sure to include the following hashtags: #1secondSlipInChallenge #SkechersMY #SkechersSlipIns. This will ensure that your entry is counted and seen by the Skechers Malaysia team.

What Makes the Challenge Exciting:

Now that you know how to participate, let's explore what makes the #1secondSlipInChallenge so exciting:

1. Creativity Takes the Stage:

This challenge is all about showcasing your creativity and unique style. Whether you have a flair for fashion or a knack for entertaining, you can let your imagination run wild. Create a slip-in moment that's not only quick but also captivating.

2. RM1,000 Worth of Skechers Products:

The grand prize for this challenge is no small feat. The lucky winner will receive RM1,000 worth of Skechers products, allowing them to explore the wide range of footwear and accessories that Skechers Malaysia has to offer. It's a chance to revamp your shoe collection with stylish and comfortable options.

3. Fun for Everyone:

The #1secondSlipInChallenge is open to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned Skechers enthusiast or new to the brand, this challenge welcomes participants of all ages. It's an inclusive and enjoyable activity that brings people together through their love of shoes.

4. Show Off Your Shoe Game:

If you've always wanted to flaunt your shoe collection and style, this challenge is the perfect platform. Slip into your favorite Skechers Slip-ins and let the world see your fashion-forward side. Who knows, your video could inspire others to explore Skechers footwear too!

Important Dates:

The #1secondSlipInChallenge is running from now until 30th September 2023. So, you have plenty of time to plan, record, and share your fantastic slip-in moment with Skechers Slip-ins. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to win big and have a blast while doing it.


Joining the #1secondSlipInChallenge by Skechers Malaysia is a fantastic way to celebrate your love for footwear, get creative, and win exciting prizes. With RM1,000 worth of Skechers products up for grabs, there's every reason to participate and showcase your unique style.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow Skechers Malaysia, record your 1-second slip-in moment, and share it with the world using the designated hashtags. Show off your shoe-slipping skills and let the Slip-ins begin! Don't miss this chance to be a part of the #1secondSlipInChallenge excitement, and who knows, you might just be the lucky winner of RM1,000 worth of Skechers products. Get ready to slip into style and join the challenge today!

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