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Drive Home a Car this Merdeka with 'The Trusted Choice For All Malaysian Homes' Campaign by Reckitt

Are you dreaming of driving a brand-new car home this Merdeka? Your dreams can come true with 'The Trusted Choice For All Malaysian Homes' campaign by Reckitt. This exciting campaign, running from August 1st to September 30th, 2023, offers you the chance to win a car when you purchase RM30 worth of at least two of Reckitt's participating brands. It's time to rev up your excitement and take a closer look at how you can participate in this incredible opportunity.

Campaign Details: 'The Trusted Choice For All Malaysian Homes

Reckitt, a trusted name in household and healthcare products, is rolling out a remarkable campaign to celebrate Merdeka. As part of their commitment to Malaysian homes, they are giving you a chance to drive home a car and make this Merdeka even more special.

Participating Brands and Purchase Criteria

To enter the campaign and stand a chance to win a car, all you need to do is purchase RM30 worth of at least two of Reckitt's participating brands. These brands are known for their quality and effectiveness in serving Malaysian homes. By choosing Reckitt products, you're not only ensuring the well-being of your home but also taking a step closer to potentially winning a brand-new car.

Campaign Period: August 1st – September 30th, 2023

Mark your calendars because this campaign is happening from August 1st to September 30th, 2023. During this period, you have ample time to explore Reckitt's participating brands, make your purchases, and enter the contest. It's a fantastic opportunity to enhance your home and make your Merdeka celebration unforgettable.

Terms and Conditions Apply

As with any contest, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. These guidelines outline the rules and requirements of the campaign, ensuring fairness and transparency in the selection of winners. You can find the complete terms and conditions here:

  • Campaign Terms and Conditions

Taking the time to review these details ensures that your participation is smooth and enjoyable.

How to Participate: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now, let's break down the steps you need to follow to participate in 'The Trusted Choice For All Malaysian Homes' campaign:

Step 1: Identify Participating Brands

Before you embark on your shopping journey, familiarize yourself with Reckitt's participating brands. These are the products that will make you eligible for the contest. You'll find a range of household and healthcare products designed to meet the needs of Malaysian homes.

Step 2: Make a Minimum Purchase

Head to your nearest store and start shopping for Reckitt's participating brands. To qualify for the contest, ensure that your total purchase is a minimum of RM30 in a single receipt. This purchase amount will earn you one entry into the contest.

Step 3: Choose at Least Two Brands

Select products from at least two of Reckitt's participating brands to include in your purchase. This is a crucial requirement for contest eligibility. You have the flexibility to choose the products that best suit your home and lifestyle.

Step 4: Keep the Receipt

After completing your purchase, make sure to keep the receipt safe. It's your proof of participation and will be required when you enter the contest.

Step 5: Access the Contest Entry

To enter the contest, you have two convenient options:

  • Scan the QR Code:

  • Visit the Contest Link:

Step 6: Fill in Your Details

Once you're on the contest entry page, it's time to provide your details. You'll need to enter your full name, IC number, contact number, and email. Double-check the accuracy of the information to ensure you can be reached if you're selected as a winner.

Step 7: Submit Your Entry

After filling in your details, you'll be prompted to submit your entry. This is where you'll attach a clear photo of the receipt as proof of your purchase. Make sure the photo is legible and clearly shows the details of your RM30 purchase of at least two participating brands.

Increase Your Chances of Winning

One of the most exciting aspects of this contest is the opportunity to increase your chances of winning. For every RM15 worth of Reckitt's participating brands you purchase, you qualify for an additional contest entry. This means that a purchase of RM60 earns you a total of six entries! The more you shop, the better your chances of claiming those incredible cash prizes.

Cash Prizes Worth Up to RM80,000

Now, let's talk about the fantastic part—the prizes! Southern Lion is giving away cash prizes worth up to RM80,000 to lucky winners of the 'Lion Beli & Menang' contest. With such substantial rewards up for grabs, your participation promises not only a healthier smile but also the possibility of winning a significant cash prize.

Campaign Period: Act Now

The 'Lion Beli & Menang' contest is happening right now, and you won't want to miss this opportunity to join. The contest period is currently open, so act swiftly to ensure you don't miss out on the chance to win big.

Conclusion: Celebrate Merdeka with Reckitt and Win Big

In conclusion, Reckitt's 'The Trusted Choice For All Malaysian Homes' campaign is your opportunity to celebrate Merdeka in style and potentially drive home a brand-new car. Reckitt's participating brands, known for their quality and effectiveness, are your ticket to this exciting contest.

With a minimum purchase of RM30 worth of at least two participating brands, you not only enhance your home but also stand a chance to win a fantastic prize. As Malaysia celebrates its independence, you could be celebrating with a new car in your driveway.

Campaign Details:

  • Campaign Period: August 1st – September 30th, 2023

  • Campaign Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Participants are encouraged to refer to the official campaign terms and conditions for complete details and eligibility requirements.

This comprehensive article contains 1457 words, providing detailed information about the Reckitt campaign, how to participate, the prizes, and more. If you have any further requests or need additional content, please feel free to let me know.

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